40-Yard Dumpster Rentals – 22’LX8’WX8’H

When you need "just a bit more room," our largest dumpster bin rental will contain up to 7 tons of construction cleanup materials.
40-Yard Dumpster Rentals – 22’LX8’WX8’H

40 Yard dumpsters are available for use on construction projects with a need to dispose of large amounts of construction cleanup materials. Wood, metal, tile, and anything solid are all acceptable materials for a 40 yard dumpster bin.  Our large trash containers have a weight limit of 7 tons.

Our large dumpster rentals are used primarily for solid, lighter items than would otherwise go into the lowboy bin rentals. The 40-yard capacity container is ideal for larger jobs, and the bin itself is designed to be filled with dry construction clean up materials. DavLor’s 40 yard dumpster rental bins will hold roughly 12 pickup truck loads of construction cleanup materials.

material not allowed

Concrete, brick, asphalt, liquids, and dirt

Rental Length

All equipment must be serviced at least once every 21-days, or client will accrue additional fees. There is no finite lease length, and the lessee may utilize equipment as long as needed.​


Larger projects


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Popular Questions

We provide concrete washout and dumpster rental bins with a capacity of approximately three yards for small jobs, and up to 40-yards, for larger jobs

Prices vary depending upon:

  • Size of dumpster
  • Type of material needing disposal
  • Amount of material for disposal
  • Project location
  • Length of time required for rental

DavLor currently has concrete washout bins and dumpster rentals from San Diego County, up to Los Angeles County.

The quickest way to reserve one of our rentals is to call our customer service number.

Typically, we are able to offer same-day service, and if not, we guarantee delivery within 72-hours.

Definitely not. We will go over what you may and may not put into each of our rental dumpsters over the phone, and suggest which rental will be best for your needs.

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